Eddie Guerrero Net Worth 2023

Eddie Guerrero Net Worth of $6 million when he died in 2005. He was a Mexican-American professional wrestler with a successful career that spanned Mexico, Japan, and the United States. 

He was well-known for his charismatic character and ability to connect with his fans.  was also well-known for his technical skills in wrestling and his ability to tell stories within the ring.

Eddie Guerrero Net Worth

What is Eddie Guerrero Net Worth?

Name Eddie Guerrero
Net Worth $6 Million
Birth Date October 9, 1967
Birth Place El Paso, TX
Country texas united states
Profession Wrestler

At the time of Eddie Guerrero death, his net worth was estimated at 6 million. He earned most of his money from wrestling but also enjoyed a successful acting and voice-over career.

Eddie Guerrero was one of the most highly-paid wrestlers in WWE during his career. He earned around $1 million per year. He had endorsement agreements with Coca-Cola, EA Sports, and other companies.

Early Life and Education

Eddie Guerrero is a wrestler who was born in El Paso on October 9,67. Eddie Guerrero grew up with wrestlers in his family and was heavily influenced by Gory Guerrero who was both a wrestler and a wrestling promoter had four siblings who all became wrestlers.

watched wrestling matches with his father a lot as he grew up. He played football at the University of New Mexico before deciding to switch careers and pursue a wrestling career.

Early Life and Education

Eddie Guerrero Career

Eddie Guerrero began wrestling in 1986 and quickly became known as a talented wrestler. He has worked for several wrestling promotions, including Extreme Championship Wrestling(ECW), New Japan Pro Wrestling(NJPW), and World Championship Wrestling(WCW).

Eddie joined the World Wrestling Federation in 2000 and was a part of Raw, the flagship program of the WWF. In 2001, he won his first title when he beat Chris Jericho to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship.

Eddie greatest moment was in 2004 when he beat Brock Lesnar and won the WWE Championship. Eddie’s victory was historic, as he was the first Mexican-American wrestler to ever win the WWF Championship.

Eddie Guerrero Personal Life

Eddie Guerrero married Vickie Guerrero and they had two daughters: Shaul and Sherilyn. was a known devout Christian who often talked about his faith. He was a recovering addict who had battled addiction most of his life.

Eddie Guerrero Personal Life

Eddie Guerrero Biography

Eddie Guerrero is a Texas native born on October 9th, 1967. He was a member of the legendary Guerrero family of wrestlers and won 23 titles in his long professional career, including four. 

He was famous for his catchphrase, “I Lie!” He was known for his catchphrase “I Lie! “I Steal” He won the WWE Tag Team Championships with Rey Mysterio and Yoshihiro Tadashiri.

He wrestled in college before moving to Mexico and training full-time for professional wrestling.

Name Eddie Guerrero
Profession Wrestler
Birth Date October 9, 1967
Birth Place El Paso, TX
Country texas united states

Illness and Death

Eddie Guerrero died on November 13, 2005, at the age of 38. The body was discovered in the hotel room. Acute heart failure was determined as the cause of death.

Eddie sudden death devastated the wrestling community, and fans and wrestlers paid tribute to him. In 2006, he was inducted posthumously into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Real Estate

Eddie Guerrero purchased a house for $ 1.1 million in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2003. After his death, the house was sold for $1.3million.


Eddie Guerrero legacy is indisputable. He was a pioneer for Mexican-American wrestling and inspired countless wrestlers.

Eddie was well-known for his energetic performances in the ring, and his charismatic personality outside. His untimely passing was tragic for the wrestling world. He was a great role model.


Eddie Guerrero Net Worth is a testament to his amazing journey in professional wrestling. passion, talent, and dedication made him an icon in the world of professional wrestling, and his financial successes reflected his influence. 

Eddie Guerrero has a legacy that continues to inspire wrestlers, fans, and future generations. His story reminds us that anyone can succeed with determination and hard work.

Eddie Guerrero FAQs

How did Eddie Guerrero pass away?

Eddie Guerrero tragically passed away on November 13, 2005, due to heart failure at the age of 38. His untimely death shocked the wrestling world.

Did Eddie Guerrero leave behind a family?

Yes, Eddie Guerrero left behind his wife, Vickie Guerrero, and their two daughters, Shaul and Sherilyn.

What is Eddie Guerrero’s lasting legacy in wrestling?

Eddie Guerrero’s legacy is defined by his technical wrestling prowess, compelling storytelling in the ring, and his influence on future generations of wrestlers.

Were there any controversies in Eddie Guerrero’s career?

Yes, Eddie Guerrero battled personal demons, including substance abuse issues. However, he managed to overcome these challenges and maintain a successful career.

How is Eddie Guerrero remembered today?

Eddie Guerrero is fondly remembered as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. His memory lives on through his family and the fans who continue to celebrate his legacy.

Did Eddie Guerrero contribute to charitable causes?

Yes, Eddie Guerrero was known for his charitable work, supporting various causes and giving back to the community.

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