Jim Belushi Net Worth 2023

Jim Belushi Net Worth is $50 million dollars. In the glittering world of Hollywood where fame and fortune usually are inextricably linked Jim Belushi has carved out a remarkable career for himself.

Jim Belushi has become an international celebrity, thanks to his success on the comedy circuit and on the big screen. How much is this iconic comedian and actor worth?

In this piece, we’ll dig deep into the background and work of Jim Belushi, examining the different avenues that have influenced his wealth.

Jim Belushi Net Worth

What is Jim Belushi Net Worth?

Name Jim Belushi
Net Worth $50 Million
Date of Birth Jun 15, 1954 (69 years old)
Place of Birth Chicago
Profession Actor, Comedian, Singer, Musician, Television producer, Screenwriter, Television Director, Voice Actor, Film Producer, Film Score Composer
Nationality United States of America

Jim Belushi professional acting and comedian has paid his well. Belushi started his career in 1977, at 23 years old. has since become one of most well-known names in the cinema industry.

Belushi Net Worth is thought to be in excess of $50 million Based on his activities over the past 35 years.

Who is Jim Belushi?

Jim Belushi is an American actor, comedian, vocalist, and musician who is best recognized for his character of Jim from the comedy show According to Jim between 2001 and the year 2009.

Belushi made his debut in 1977, as a member of the Second City comedy company, and then he was a part of several television shows including Saturday Night Live (1983-1985), Wild Palms (1993), Aaahh  Real Monsters (1994-1997) along with Twin Peaks (1994-1997). (2017).

Jim Belushi is a well-known Hollywood actor and is recognized for being the brother of comedian John Belushi and the father of actor Robert Belushi.

Who is Jim Belushi

Belushi is also an ambassador on behalf of Savient Pharmaceuticals’ Check Out Your Gout educational campaign.

On the 20th of August in 2020, stated that his brother John Belushi who died from a heroin and cocaine overdose at 33, could have remained alive as an addict.

What is Jim Belushi Famous for?

  • Popular for his role on the sitcom According to Jim (2001-2009).
  • The younger brother of comedian John Belushi.

What is Jim Belushi Famous for

Where was Jim Belushi Born?

Jim Belushi was born in the United States on June 15, 1954, in Chicago, Illinois. Jim Belushi is his given name. is an American citizen. Belushi belongs to the White race, and his birth sign of the zodiac is Gemini.

Adam Anastos Belushi (father) and Agnes Demetri Samaras (mother) were Albanian immigrants with Jim second of their children (mother).

Jim father Adam is an Albanian outsider, while Agnes, his mom Agnes had been an Albanian outsider’s child.

Where was Jim Belushi BornJim was born in Wheaton the Chicago suburb, along with his three siblings, including older brother John as well as his older sister Marian along with younger brother Billy All of them were from a middle-class household.

attended Wheaton Central High School, where one of his instructors convinced him to participate in school plays after seeing his ability to improvise while delivering performances. When he realized his love for performing, soon joined the school’s theater group and the chorus.

Belushi was a student at Belushi attended the College of DuPage after graduating from Wheaton Central High School. then went on to Southern Illinois University, where Belushi earned a degree from the Department of Speech and Theater Arts.

Jim Belushi’s Career Highlights

  • Jim Belushi began his career when he joined his first group, the Chicago theater group The Second City in 1977. The group he was part of for three years until 1980.
  • His appearance in group attracted attention of Gary Marshall with whose help he was able to make his television debut on the NBC sitcom Who’s What’s Watching the Kids? in 1978.
  • His first major part was in the role of Barry in Michael Mann’s Thief (1981

Jim Belushi’s Career Highlights

  • Following John’s brother’s death, he appeared in a number of characters, including Hank Rippy from Hello, Trudy! and That White Guy on Saturday Night Live in 1983.
  • appeared in 1985 and portrayed a character in the film comedy The Man with One Red Shoe and in other films such as About The Night Last  Salvador in 1985, and Little Shop of Horrors in 1986.

Who is Jim Belushi Married to?

At present, Jim Belushi has been married three times. The first wedding was on May 17th, 1980. That was the day Belushi was married to Sandra Davenport.

On the 23rd of October in the same year, the couple welcomed their very first child, a performer called Robert James. They divorced after just eight years of marriage.

He got married for the second time to his wife Marjorie Bransfield, a former actress in the year following in the year 1990. Their marriage lasted only two years before ending in 1992.

Who is Jim Belushi Married to

In May of 1998, Belushi got married to his third wife, Jennifer Sloan, after six years of courtship. Their daughter Jamison Bess (born July 28, 1999),

Jared James (born February 8, 2002) is their only child. Sloan, on the other hand, filed for divorce on February 5, 2018, and the couple has since been reunited. is currently residing in Los Angeles.

Furthermore, he was involved in an ongoing court dispute with his close friend actor Julie Newmar, as a result of which he launched a $4 million lawsuit against Newmar in 2004.

They reconnected in 2006, and invited Newmar to appear on the television show According to Jim.

How Tall is Jim Belushi?

Jim Belushi can be described as a gorgeous man in his 60s. Belushi has won the hearts of many throughout his home in the United States with his hysterical humor and charming charm.

He is tall of 5 feet tall. 11 inches (1.80m) and his weight is about 90kg (200 pounds).

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Jim Belushi Net Worth stands as a tribute to his long-standing talent and commitment to the world of entertainment.

From his beginnings as a stand-up comic to his iconic TV and film roles Jim Belushi career has left a lasting impression on Hollywood.

With an estimated wealth of more than $50 million, his career continues to flourish and shine both on screen as well as in the shadows.

Jim Belushi Net Worth FAQs

How did Jim Belushi’s career begin?

Jim Belushi’s career began as a stand-up comedian in Chicago’s Second City improvisational theater.

What was Jim Belushi’s breakout role in the film?

Jim Belushi’s breakout role in film was as James O. Jones in “The Principal.”

What is the source of Jim Belushi’s net worth?

Jim Belushi’s net worth primarily comes from his career in entertainment, real estate investments, and his cannabis business.

What is the significance of Jim Belushi’s family legacy?

Jim Belushi’s family legacy includes his late brother John Belushi, a comedy legend known for his roles in “Animal House” and “The Blues Brothers.”

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